Artificial Intelligence in supermarket chains: three myths to debunk!

We don't need to remind you how many hopes and dreams have been stirred up by Artificial Intelligence in France and around the world... Instead, it’s probably more useful to pay attention to the many challenges it has faced in recent years, sometimes struggling to find concrete, useful and lasting applications. Keep reading


European AI legislation: risking the boomerang effect?

The European Commission has just unveiled an ambitious project regarding the uses of Artificial Intelligence with the aim of creating common regulation. The shape of this new legislation will determine Europe's position on the world stage over the coming years in terms of technological innovation, while also having to ensure and encourage respect for the values shared by the European community. The stakes are therefore extremely high. As while certain uses of AI absolutely must be regulated, such as lethal autonomous weapons or predictive criminal justice using facial recognition, it should not be counter productive and hamper other uses. Keep reading
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