Shelf Intelligence
for Retail

EasyPicky collects and analyzes all your field data in seconds.

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Easy to use

To carry out a store survey with EasyPicky, simply activate the video mode on your smartphone or tablet and browse the store aisles.
Our Artificial Intelligence, the leading solution for video image recognition, collects all data and transforms it instantly into KPIs, without the need for a network.

Real-time KPIs

The EasyPicky application makes every in-store visit more efficient by producing a complete report of your KPIs in real time: DN, PDL, shortages, out-of-stocks, planogram compliance, etc. EasyPicky equips your sales force for discussions and negotiations with the floor manager.

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Instantly get data from shelf to your favorite

Integrated with your tools

EasyPicky integrates directly with your CRM or other in-house tools, and enriches your solution with all collectable data and their KPIs.

You don’t need an additional sales force tool, we optimize the existing one.

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Why Easypicky?

A turnkey solution tailored to users’ needs

100% Offline

100% Offline

Field teams don’t need any network or Internet connection to collect data and obtain their KPIs. EasyPicky is a stand-alone solution embedded in your cell phone or tablet.

Data reliability

Data reliability

Our computer vision technology recognizes an average of 98% of products and collects all visible data.
This gives you a reliable, objective overview of the situation in the field.

Unlimited videos

With EasyPicky, you can take as many films as you need. There is no limit to the weight or number of videos taken Nor do our rates vary according to the number of videos produced.