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Nestlé & EasyPicky

Nestlé & EasyPicky

Nestlé Épicerie France deployed the EasyPicky solution to analyse traditional key performance indicators and monitor merchandising-related aspects. Following the success of the project, other European...
Représentation d'un perfect store

The Perfect Store: a pillar of success

In an ever-changing retail world, the focus on operational efficiency has become imperative. The Perfect Store concept is positioned as the essential […]
Henkel et EasyPicky : une success story

Henkel & EasyPicky

In the competitive world of the DIY industry, Henkel France has taken a significant step forward by adopting the EasyPicky solution to transform the day-to-day...
Chef de secteur EasyPicky

The essential role of sales reps!

Find out more about the role of a Sales Representative in supermarkets. Optimizing sales, training teams, using CRM: the keys to success.
Représentation du métavers

The metaverse: a lost illusion?

Since the beginning of 2022, the metaverse has been the talk of the town. Firstly, there’s a deep-seated enthusiasm for this technological […]