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EasyPicky optimises your field surveys at any type of point of sale!

EasyPicky is an application that enables you to collect all the data linked to your products and obtain all your key performance indicators in an instant.

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Video recognition

To take a shop reading with EasyPicky, you need to simply activate the video mode on your smartphone or tablet and browse the shop’s aisles. EasyPicky revolutionises field surveys previously carried out by hand or by taking photographs. Our Artificial Intelligence is the leading solution for video-based image recognition.

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Exhaustive data collection

Our computer vision technology recognizes an average of 98% of products and collects all visible data.

This will give you a reliable and objective picture of the overall situation in shop.

No longer do you have to make do with just a sample of the ground, EasyPicky makes it easy to record all the data for a lane in just a few seconds.

Real-time KPI reporting

The EasyPicky application makes every in-store visit more efficient by producing a full report of your KPIs in real time: ND, SOS, shortages, out-of-stocks, planogram compliance, etc.
EasyPicky equips your sales force in the field to discuss and negotiate with the floor manager.

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L'application EasyPicky qui permets même en mode avion de réaliser votre relevé de linéaire et d'assortiments

100% Offline

Teams in the field never need a network or internet connection to use EasyPicky’s solutions.
Everything is done offline. From collecting data to reading your KPIs.
Easypicky is an instant, standalone solution embedded in your mobile phone or tablet.

Integration with tools

EasyPicky is a synergistic solution that unlocks the full potential of your existing tools, so it’s not just another sales tool.

We integrate the data collected into your CRM, software and BI tools.
We communicate data natively with your tools or via API.

Bring in external data to make more informed decisions.

This will give you all the KPIs you need on your information system to help you negotiate with the floor manager.

L'application Easypicky est directement accessible sur les outils type CRM, progiciels, BI.
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Advice and support

At EasyPicky, we know that a digital transition involves change management.
Any new tool requires a learning curve and a period of adaptation, which is why we support all our customers from the design stage right through to the deployment of our solution in the field.

EasyPicky is committed to working closely with each customer from the outset, customising our solution to meet your specific needs. Our flexible approach ensures agile adaptation to the unique challenges of your business. Our teams are there to guide and advise you on your choices at the tool design stage and to help oversee the deployment phase of the solution in the field, ensuring optimum performance.

Our commitment continues after delivery of the solution, offering ongoing support to meet evolving needs as well as a commitment that the solution will work effectively in the field.

Looking to the future, EasyPicky listens to you and is committed to evolving with your needs, integrating additional functionality, emerging technologies and innovative practices as you see fit.

Our support is based not just on a technical service, but on cutting-edge expertise combined with a tailor-made approach, taking your projects to new heights in image recognition.

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