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EasyPicky is a game-changing solution that transforms product placement and on-ground data collection for the luxury, beauty, and cosmetics sectors.
It empowers brands to provide exceptional customer experiences by enhancing planogram execution and merchandising strategies at all sales points.

verification du plannograme avec la tablette easypicky

An exhaustive collection of product data

Opt for EasyPicky Image Recognition to obtain comprehensive reports with exhaustive field data and videos to monitor the visibility of your products in-store.
Our Artificial Intelligence is capable of collecting all the data on all your products.
Our web interface gives you a real-time view of all your sales force visits by sales outlet, by region and by team.

Perfect execution of your merchandising strategy

With our planogram control functionality and our merchandising tools, you can analyse the conformity of your merchandising strategy with the actual layout of your products in the field.
In this way, your products will be promoted in the best possible way, in line with the standards and expectations of your industry and your customers.

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