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Success stories

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A solution for all divisions

With a large catalogue of several thousand items, L’Oréal was looking for a solution to optimise the time spent in-store, so that its sales force could concentrate on its core business – selling – and have access to more comprehensive and consistent data.

Our relationship with L’Oréal began several years ago with the CPD division, where EasyPicky is integrated into the Salesforce environment. This collaboration has created a unique user journey and embodied the project’s mantra of forging the sales representatives of the future. The project, which began in France, has been so successful that the ambition is now to develop it on the world market.

Building on the success of the roll-out for the CPD division, projects are underway with the Luxury Goods and Cosmetics divisions. The Luxury division decided to wait for the roll-out of the Salesforce solution before integrating EasyPicky. This chronology, in which the deployment of sales force automation precedes that of the image recognition solution, is often observed. L’Oréal is also focusing on the development of a reference model, into which can be integrated a library of tools that work seamlessly for any division or country.

International deployment

After a successful trial, Nestlé France fully deployed EasyPicky at the end of 2023. Users say they are very satisfied with the analysis of traditional key performance indicators such as ND and SoS, as well as with the monitoring of merchandising-related aspects through our latest functionalities (brand blocks, secondary departments, compliance with planograms, etc.).

Following the success of the project and recommendations from Nestlé Épicerie France, other European divisions joined the adventure to benefit from EasyPicky’s instantaneous and offline features, which are central to all our users. Several deployments are currently underway in Europe.

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Much more than a simple AI tool

Before implementing EasyPicky, Henkel France faced a number of challenges. Henkel’s sales force had to manually fill in large Excel tables during field surveys, which was tedious, time-consuming, error-prone and could only be done a few times a year. Negotiations with department managers were hampered by a lack of key performance indicators, affecting the quality and effectiveness of discussions. Sales and marketing departments had a limited view of the field, receiving only occasional data during survey campaigns, which made it difficult to assess strategies accurately.

EasyPicky simplifies field data collection for Henkel’s sales force, enabling them to take comprehensive readings on every shop visit by simply activating video from a mobile device. Sector managers benefit from instant analysis of the data collected, strengthening their negotiating power with customers thanks to reliable, measurable information in real time. Sales and marketing managers also have immediate access to field data, which is automatically consolidated in Henkel’s CRM system, Statigest, giving them a clear and constantly updated view of point-of-sale performance so they can quickly adjust their sales and marketing strategies.

The general integration of EasyPicky at Henkel since 2023 has transformed the business strategy, boosting employee performance. By providing precise data on digital distribution and share of shelf space, the tool has enabled Henkel France to refine its sales objectives, identify emerging opportunities and optimise product positioning on the shelf. This optimisation has led to a significant increase in in-store sales, facilitated by a reduction in the time taken to collect and analyse data, enabling better adaptation to consumer expectations.

They are best placed to talk about it

EasyPicky triumphs at NRF show

Following EasyPicky’s presence at NRF 2024 in New York, the Mulliez Family Association, The field, voted our video recognition solution as the N°1 Artificial Intelligence solution present at the event.

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