EasyPicky’s tailored guidance

Une photo d'un chef de projet EasyPicky qui explique à un représentant des forces de vente comment l'application fonctionne.

Advances in image recognition are revolutionising the way companies collect and use field data.

By providing sales forces with high-performance tools tailored to the specific needs of retail players, a significant improvement in sales can be observed. However, the successful deployment of a new solution depends on one key element: supporting teams throughout the project.

Understanding needs

When customers engage in a project with EasyPicky, they enter a world where engagement with their success is at the heart of every action undertaken by the team. To ensure effective project management, several people are involved at EasyPicky with agile practices and well-defined roles: a project manager, the key customer contact, app and web interface developers, and in-store beta testers.

Right from the start of the project, the company implements a collaborative approach, where the customer’s business and objectives are the absolute priority.

EasyPicky’s project teams are masters of immersion, organising business workshops and meetings with all the customer’s key project stakeholders. In this way, they ensure an in-depth understanding of the customer’s needs with the sales, marketing, tools and IT departments, and offer tailor-made functionalities in line with the various expectations.

Project managers from EasyPicky work in parallel with “key users”, sector managers selected for their field expertise and their future role as the first users of the EasyPicky App in stores.

In this way, EasyPicky ensures a complete understanding of the customer’s needs and considers the constraints of the project and feedback from both managers and field users.

The development of the solution

From these meetings, a fusion between the know-how and perspectives of the two stakeholders takes place, and the project managers provide clear and precise guidelines to the EasyPicky developers. In this way, the customer’s ideas come to life, business challenges are transformed into opportunities and each stage of the process is driven by the customer’s final expectations.

This is the experience that EasyPicky is offering to its customers. By choosing the EasyPicky solution, customers are opting for much more than just an image recognition solution. They are choosing a dedicated team, ready to travel the road with them, every step of the way, until they reach their goals.

Photo de Thomas Artus

Thomas Artus

EasyPicky Project Manager

"At EasyPicky, our commitment to user satisfaction goes beyond the simple use of our product. We firmly believe in personalised guidance throughout your solution creation journey. Our project team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service to ensure a smooth and successful experience in implementing the EasyPicky App."

The project team works rigorously to meet the entire roadmap established at the project launch phase. Every aspect of the project and of the customer’s requirements is taken into account. Functionalities are meticulously developed to ensure the delivery of ready-to-use solutions.

Testing the solution

With this solid basis in place, the beta-testers from the EasyPicky project team move on to the field testing phase.

EasyPicky ensures that the application works optimally in real-life conditions, targeting a recognition rate of over 98% from the 1st test. This pragmatic approach ensures that the solution not only performs well in theory, but also in practice.

This test phase is carried out in-store regularly by the beta testers and in different environments, in order to adjust the recognition and give you an all-round tool.

Once the first test phase has been successfully completed, i.e. once the EasyPicky beta testers confirm the quality of the tailor-made App created for the customer, the App is tested by the customer’s “key users”. If necessary, the App is adjusted and the customer’s project is optimised to ensure complete satisfaction.

Integrating the solution into customer tools

In parallel with the customer project, the integration of the solution into the customer’s CRM (or other tool) is set up. To adapt the solution to a particular tool, a workshop is organised with the key people involved in the customer’s tool to define the integration method: App2App, Bluetooth, API.

EasyPicky is already integrated with many solutions, but can be integrated with new solutions if required. In this case, respective developments and a production launch are set up so that each customer can read and analyse their data as simply and efficiently as possible.

The deployment of the solution

Once the solution is ready to be delivered to the customer, the Customer Success team provides ongoing guidance. Through project monitoring meetings, customers receive advice and tips to maximise the use of the solution and support the sales force. Close collaboration is maintained to continually optimise field surveys, ensuring that the solution is tailored to the customer’s evolving needs.

This rigorous approach ensures that customers benefit fully from EasyPicky technology, with optimal deployment and effective use of new features thanks to dedicated teams.

Photo de Mehdi Bennis

Mehdi Bennis

EasyPicky Customer success

"As part of the Customer Success team, our priority is to ensure that our customers get the most out of our solution throughout its use within their business. Once EasyPicky has been deployed, a Customer Success team is dedicated to the success of the project. We're there to answer questions, guide them through the optimisation of their processes, gather feedback, and offer personalised guidance as and when required."

Developments for greater performance

Innovation is one of EasyPicky’s key drivers. A team of developers is dedicated to developing the solution. Its aim is to constantly improve EasyPicky’s functionalities in line with new technologies, market trends and feedback from our customers. In this way, EasyPicky remains at the cutting edge of the industry, anticipating future challenges and creating new opportunities for its customers.

Customer Success also has the task of informing customers of the new features and additional possibilities that the solution can offer them, so that they can adapt them to their requirements and integrate them into their tools.

With this forward-looking opportunity in mind, EasyPicky remains firmly committed to being the partner of choice for companies seeking to maximise their potential through image recognition and the use of qualitative data.

Support for project communication

EasyPicky marketing team is also available to assist those who wish to communicate about their project. Indeed, effective management of the guidance provided to field teams during the change process facilitates the deployment of the solution.

It is important to ensure fluid and transparent communication throughout the process, in order to create an environment conducive to the acceptance and adoption of the new solution. The marketing team is ready to provide the resources and support needed to help customers share their vision and progress, building their confidence in the success of their project.

EasyPicky guidance is more than just a service – it’s the key to success at every stage of the solution’s lifecycle.
By choosing this solution, companies opt for advanced technical expertise and a personalised approach, a unique combination that propels customers towards new horizons of growth.