Managing digital transformation in retail

Are you a retail professional who is interested on how to manage a digital transformation in your sector ? Are you wondering how to successfully implement a digital transformation in your sector?

Then this webinar is for you! Take a look at a range of case studies, discover expert advice and imagine the future of retail with us.

PS : le replay du webinaire sera disponible en français, inscrivez-vous à l’évènement pour y accéder.

visual EasyPicky webinar

Topics covered :

  • Key success factors for digital transformation
  • Change management in the sales force
  • Innovative retail technologies in 2024
  • The impact of AI on retailers and major retail brands
  • The future of retail and data


Lydie Signeux

Product Manager Sales Europe Multi-divisions L’Oréal Paris

Mike Price

Retail Execution Advisor

Renaud Pacull

CEO & founder of EasyPicky