EasyPicky is a technological breakthrough

By developing an instant image recognition technology that can be used anywhere on any system it's installed on, without an internet connection, EasyPicky is pushing the boundaries.

Be yourself,
everyone else is already taken.

At EasyPicky, we’re not into people who play games, who calculate, camouflage, pretend to be something they're not or take credit for things they aren't. We don’t do internal politics, we’re just a highly skilled team whose strength lies in our diversity, our contradictions, our freedom and our energy.


At EasyPicky, we love looking beyond the beaten path. As you may expect from an AI startup, our R&D policy involves exploring uncharted territory and, often, finding hidden treasure along the way!


At EasyPicky, we believe in taking action, not just talking about it. Every action we take and every decision we make has a precise goal, and can be tested and implemented on the same day if necessary!


At EasyPicky we think it's better to have “a fully developed mind rather than a head full of facts”. We can do a lot with ambition, good sense and resourcefulness!


At EasyPicky we love a challenge. The proof? We managed to create an extremely powerful embedded video recognition engine. We still believe you can do great things simply, without unnecessarily complicating things, but with creativity, efficiency and pragmatism!

Team EasyPicky

Renaud Pacull

CEO Founder

Renaud has five years’ experience at Total as an R&D manager across all high-tech activity, particularly involving artificial intelligence. He filed three patents in 2016, is experienced in issues around intellectual property, has excellent technical expertise and an extensive network of technical and industrial subcontractors.

Marine Bibal

Founding partner

A business development specialist, she helped establish the French subsidiary of Lampiris, an alternative energy supplier, which now owns the Total group. She established and helped grow the B2B team in France. She has an excellent understanding of large corporations and key account management processes, as well as strong connections in the agri-food sector.

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