Welcome to the world of merchandising 4.0

We live in a world with an infinite volume of data, where the challenge is how to collect, deal with, consolidate, analyze and interpret this data. Successful brands are those who know how to use data to monitor, organize and optimize the presence and visibility of their products at every moment.

For EasyPicky, a point of sale is above all else a data set of tens of thousands of products spread out across hundreds of meters squared on kilometers of shelves.

Every major brand that is distributed in large and medium-sized stores faces this problem when it comes to measuring their performance indicators. While strategically important for sales, the verification of collections and products, shelf by shelf, remains a task with low added value, especially if there isn't enough time to analyze this and possibly to correct it afterwards. Nevertheless, on average, salespeople spend 50% of their time at the point of sale.

Today, thanks to our image recognition, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology installed on smartphones or tablets, EasyPicky enables you to carry out this verification and analysis in one second per product. 

This gives your salespeople plenty of time to focus on tasks that really add value: negotiation and sales.

EasyPicky’s strengths


The EasyPicky app is very easy to use, can be mastered in less than an hour, and only requires you to be able to take a video of a few seconds with a smartphone or tablet!


The EasyPicky app gives you immediate results of the shelf inventory and indicators that may serve as sales aids, even without an internet connection and with a recognition rate of over 98%!


The EasyPicky app makes every store visit powerful, saving your sales force a significant amount of time, as well as allowing them to immediately correct shelves and see the immediate impact by taking a before and after video at no additional charge!

Why is this so strategically important for brands?


of sensory experiences come through our vision


of purchasing decisions are made right in front of the shelf


of consumers cancel their purchase if it is not available


of consumers will buy another brand if the one they want is not available

A patented technology

A patented technology

Give (back) power to the teams in the field

Every shelf inventory produces a reliable report that strengths your negotiation power and allows you to call for immediate action from your sales force. No more waiting until the next visit!

Give (back) data its value

When collected more easily, instantly and in a more reliable way, field data becomes an immediate and powerful decision-making tool.

Give (back) substance to the sales force-marketing relationship

Thanks to reliable data collected anywhere and uploaded in real time by the sales force, marketing teams can constantly readjust their action plans.

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